Terms of Sale

By placing an order with us through confirming an order at checkout you are automatically agreeing to the terms of sale as highlighted here.

Canada Gold Bullion is operated by, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pollock-Cameron Investments Corp. The Terms of Sale contained herein ("The Agreement") shall be binding between You and Us. For the purposes of this Agreement, Pollock-Cameron Investments Corp., Canada Gold Bullion, its employees, representatives and directors or any third party contracted to represent Us shall be referred to collectively as "We", "Our" or "Us". What we sell shall be referred to as "Precious Metals", "Gold", "Silver", "Platinum", "Goods", "Product", "Items", "Order", or "Material". We are compliant with Canada's proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act. This means that we keep records in accordance with legal requirements and certain transactions may be subject to government reporting. For any questions you have, you may contact us by email at info@canadagold.ca, or by telephone at 1-888-682-5832. 


1. Value of Goods and changes in prices

The parties "you" and "us" agree that the bullion products and collectables we offer for sale are commodities traded on live markets, and that the market prices change constantly. We reserve the sole and absolute discretion to set the sale and purchase prices for all products and bullion offered by us.


2. Placement of an order creates a legally enforceable agreement 

When you place an order through our store you agree that you are legally bound to fulfill all payments and balances owed to us for your order. Failure to comply with this agreement will result in legally enforceable actions taken against you. Please note that once an order is placed, you may not cancel your order. Once payment is issued you may choose to cancel your order for a full or partial refund accounting for any applicable market loss/cancellation fees for the order you wish to cancel (See section 3.1). If you receive your items and wish to return them, you may sell your items back to us for a return as detailed in our return policy. We retain all rights to decide what we will buy-back as well as the price at which we will buy-back selected items. 


3. Payment

When you place an order through our store you agree to make all payments owed based on your method of payment chosen at checkout within (1) business days (24 hours) and that we will receive payment within (10) business days from the time your order was placed. All payments received must be for the full amount owed based on the acknowledged order amount in the acknowledged currency as detailed in your order confirmation invoice. If you are unable to make payment within the legally bound time frame, it is your responsibility as the buyer of the goods to inform us that there would be a delay. Failure to notify us of any delays in payment could result in a cancellation of your order and suspension of your account.

3.1. Market loss and Account Suspension

Failure to notify us in delays in payment or failure to make payment including payments made that were not authorized could result in a suspension of your account with us. A market loss fee is the loss we suffer as a business based on the change in the price of your order from the price at which it was ordered (the amount you owe us as the customer), and the price of the order at the time of cancellation/refund. If the price of the order at the time of cancellation is higher than the price of the order when the order was placed, we reserve all rights to keep any 'profits' made on that order. The cancellation of your order occurs after you have made payment and request a cancellation of your order before the order has been shipped. If your payment fails to authorize for any reason, we will contact you directly to inform you of the pause in your order. Failure to authorize payments could include but are not limited to: Insufficient Funds in the account the payment is drawing from or an illegitimate transfer of illegal funds from the account the payment is drawing from to our account. 


4. Order Confirmation Invoices

When you confirm an order at checkout it is our responsibility to deliver an Order Confirmation Invoice to the email provided to us at checkout. If for some reason we fail to deliver the Order Confirmation Invoice to you, that does not invalidate the order. It is still your responsibility to make payment to us for the total amount of your order. Failure to receive the Order Confirmation Invoice could be caused by but not limited to; providing us with the wrong email at checkout or your email server sorting our sent email as junk/spam. It is your responsibility to make sure your Order Confirmation Invoice has been received by us in a timely manner. If you have not received your Order Confirmation Invoice within (1) day of your order being placed it is your responsibility to contact us and inform us of the failed delivery. 


5. Record of Order and Information Provided

You allow us to keep record of all information provided to us when your order was made for our purposes including but not limited to: verifying the terms of the order, to help us with staff training to serve you better, in order for us to comply with any laws that exist now or will exist in the future regarding your order or anything else related to your order with us for audit and quality control purposes.


6. Buyback Policy

Canada Gold Bullion and its affiliated business Canada Gold are interested in purchasing precious metals and all bullion products that we sell to you. In addition to items that we sell to you we are also interested in purchasing any precious metals and bullion products that you may own that have been received through other means. Our prices offered to you for buyback of items are determined at the time of the buyback based on our discretion considering the live market value of your items. For more information on our buyback policies or if you are interested in selling to us please click here.


7. Shipping Policy

7.1. Delivery time

When you place an order through our store we will make our best effort to ship your order within (3) days of receiving authorization of your payment. All items shipped will include tracking and signature required upon delivery. 

Canada Gold Bullion takes no responsibility for any orders that we have shipped. All responsibility for shipped packages falls on the courier service provided and are covered by our third-party insurance provider. If your order has not arrived within (7) business days of your notification of shipment or the shipment has been declared lost by the courier provided please contact us as only the sender can start an investigation on lost shipments. We have multiple courier services that we use in order to get the best shipping rates and times possible for you as the customer. 

7.2. Insurance

We insure all shipments through a third party insurance provider and do not inform the courier of the contents of your package. The reason we use third party insurance coverage includes but is not limited to: to reduce the cost of shipping fully insured packages to reduce the price for you as the customer, to ship all packages discreetly for your privacy and security.

7.3.  Discreet Shipping

We ship all packages under a pseudonym and do not inform the courier of the contents of your package.  The reason we do this includes but is not limited to: protecting you as the receiver of goods from any potential malicious actions that could be performed by the courier of your package. 

7.4.  Damaged Orders

If for any reason your order arrives and it appears to be damaged, please do not accept the shipment and instead instruct your courier to return to sender. Once we receive the return we will investigate the damage done to the package and make any applicable insurance claims for the product as well as resend your order. If for any reason we are unable to resend your order due to available inventory as a result of but not limited to lost or damaged products in your initial order, you may choose to:

1. Accept the updated delivery date of your order no more than (90) days from the notification of delay (only applicable for certain products ordered)

2. Request to cancel your order in exchange for a refund accounting for any applicable market loss/cancellation fees.


8. Statute of Limitations 

Any issue related to your order or your account must be brought to our attention no more than (30) days from shipment date. This includes, but is not limited to: damaged product or shipment, late delivery, missing or incorrect items.


9. Reservation of Rights

We reserve all rights to update this agreement at any point in time without notice.